ReproCELL Europe
Human tissue research

The leaders in preclinical contract research using human fresh tissues


Formerly known as Biopta, ReproCELL Europe Ltd, has established itself as the world leading human tissue-focused CRO. Our expertise in all areas of human tissue research adds commercial value and de-risks drug development programmes by predicting the safety, efficacy and absorption of compounds in phenotypically-relevant healthy and diseased human fresh tissues.

In addition to contract research services, Biopta’s sister company, BioServe, offers one of the largest commercially available biorepositories.

Biopta Ltd was acquired by ReproCELL Japan in 2015.

ReproCELL Europe
Stem cells and 3D cell culture

Leading-edge tools and products for stem cell and 3D cell culture research


Formerly known as Reinnervate, ReproCELL Europe Ltd has as a core strength its Alvetex® family of 3D cell culture products, providing a flexible platform that allows scientists to easily establish in vitro assays and tissue models that better mimic the in vivo growth of cells.

ReproCELL Europe also offers a wide range of leading-edge products for stem cell and human tissue research from industry pioneers Stemgent (Boston), BioServe (Maryland) and ReproCELL Inc. (Japan).

Reinnervate was acquired by ReproCELL Japan in 2014.


ReproCELL Europe offers the full range of translational research products and services of the ReproCELL Group to Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Through our ongoing research and development synergy we are bringing to market unique and competitive products and services to accelerate research in stem cells, human tissues and 3D cell culture.